Stories from Palestine

Permaculture and eco design in Palestine

February 01, 2023 Mohamed Saleh Season 7 Episode 2
Stories from Palestine
Permaculture and eco design in Palestine
Show Notes

Mohamad Saleh grew up as a city boy. He never worked in a garden or grew his own food until he had an opportunity to travel to Turkey to be close to his partner and live for some time in a WWOOF project where he learned all about Permaculture.

When he came back to Palestine he decided to start working on bringing the concepts of permaculture closer to the community and he established 'Mostadam'

He emphasizes the importance of healing of individuals in general in order to be able to feel more compassion towards each other and towards nature.  He talks about how he is trying to work within the context of the political reality in Palestine as well as the natural environment, in areas with little rainfall and in refugee camps with little soil.

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About Mohamed 's Wwoof experience:

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