Stories from Palestine

Update from Palestine, national strike and unity

May 20, 2021 Palestinian voices Season 2 Episode 19
Stories from Palestine
Update from Palestine, national strike and unity
Show Notes

A lot of things are happening in Palestine. In the previous episode you could hear from seven Palestinians from different parts of Palestine what was happening in Sheikh Jarrah, Jerusalem, the Aqsa mosque, in Gaza and the Westbank.

On Tuesday 18 May all Palestinians in the Westbank, Jerusalem and the 48 lands (the current State of Israel) went on national strike. This was the first time since 1936 when the whole country went on strike to protest the British Mandate policies of supporting the Zionist movement, that all Palestinians united. And this sense of unity is very important and is felt by all Palestinians.

This podcast is an update on what is happening on the ground. We hear from Nader who is in Gaza city about the continuous strong bombings of the Gaza strip by Israel. Yazan from Bethlehem tells us about the importance of the strike and the protests in the Westbank. From the 48 lands we have an update from Ramy in Jaffa and from Aya in Lydd about the participation in the strike and the police brutality and settler violence against Palestinians. Waseem, the famous vet (dogtor) in Jerusalem talks about his experiences joining the protest in Jerusalem and getting tear gassed and shot at. Sanad from Nablus, whom you know from the podcast about hiking and climbing, lost his cousin, who was shot in the heart, near Nablus.
Alina is in Poland spending three days at the Parliament in Warsaw to raise awareness and lobby the parliament to take a stance against Israel's crimes.

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