Stories from Palestine

Life in Gaza

June 28, 2021 Nader and Wasim Season 3 Episode 1
Stories from Palestine
Life in Gaza
Show Notes

 During my visit to family and friends in the Netherlands, I also meet my Palestinian friends from the Gazastrip who live here. It's the only chance for us to meet as they can not come to the Westbank or Jerusalem and I cannot visit the Gazastrip.

In this episode you can learn more about the Gazastrip and hear a conversation I had with Wasim and Nader who grew up in Gaza and moved to the Netherlands in their early twenties.

We talk about the history of Gaza, the current situation in Gaza and the memories that Nader and Wasim have of their life in the Gazastrip.

Music at the end of the episode is Mohammed Assaf from Gaza
The music produced for this podcast is by Zaid Hilal (find him on social media)

At the end of this episode I also mention three podcasts that interviewed me recently. If you are interested to listen to them here are their names, you can find them on your favorite podcast player:

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