Stories from Palestine

Celebration of the first anniversary of Stories from Palestine Podcast

August 15, 2021 Kristel Season 3 Episode 8
Stories from Palestine
Celebration of the first anniversary of Stories from Palestine Podcast
Show Notes

Stories from Palestine podcast was first launched on 15th of August 2020 as a direct result of the Covid19 pandemic. As I was studying the tour guide program at the Bethlehem Bible College and I had no opportunity to share the stories I learned with tourists, the idea to start a podcast was born.

I had no experience and spend weeks watching tutorials to learn everything I needed to know about preparing an episode, recording, editing, hosting a podcast, making a website, creating a Youtube channel, making audiograms for social media and using remote recording programs to record interviews.

And now, one year later, the podcast has over 18.500 downloads since published and it had listeners from 110 different countries.

This episode is to celebrate one year of Stories from Palestine podcast. You can hear a bit more about how it started and developed, a bit more about me, the podcast host and you can hear twelve different listeners to the podcast who recorded their reviews and stories to share in the celebration.

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Thanks to Zaid Hilal for recording a special tune for this special episode. Zaid has also composed the usual tune and shifters for the podcast. He is a local musician from Beit Sahour and you should really check out his music on Youtube, Spotify or Soundcloud.

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