Stories from Palestine

Palestinian Russian equestrian Diana Al Shaer

September 26, 2021 Diana Al Shaer Season 4 Episode 3
Stories from Palestine
Palestinian Russian equestrian Diana Al Shaer
Show Notes

Diana Al Shaer has a Palestinian father and a Russian mother. Her grandfather was the first Palestinian ambassador in Russia and her father followed him in his footsteps. Diana grew up in Russia and by the age of 25 she started to become more and more connected to her Palestinian identity.

She is an international Grand Prix dressage rider and sports diplomat and she was asked by the Palestine Equestrian Federation to come out for Palestine in last summer's Olympic Games. Unfortunately her horse was injured and she could not participate, even though they had qualified originally. But she is keen to try again in 3 years and her horse is still young enough to be ready by that time!

Besides horse riding she is also the initiator of Pali-Rus Media, an initiative that wants to be a cultural media bridge between Russia and Palestine. Recently she produced a video with a beautiful synergy between Russian ballet and Palestinian dabka dance.

Diana also produces a podcast that is called Dialogue. Last week she published an episode in which she interviewed me, Kristel, about Stories from Palestine podcast. You can find her podcast episodes on her YouTube channel and she is working on getting all episodes uploaded on podcast players.  Here are some links to connect with Diana on social media:

Instagram Diana Al Shaher

Instagram PaliRusMedia

Click here to watch and hear the episode about Stories from Palestine podcast on Dialogue

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