Stories from Palestine

International day of solidarity with the Palestinian people

November 29, 2021 Hassan, Majdi, Fayrouz, Anwar, Jack Season 4 Episode 12
Stories from Palestine
International day of solidarity with the Palestinian people
Show Notes

Every year on the 29th of November it is the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian people.  (The day of release of this episode)

This was decided in the United Nations in 1977 when the General Assembly adopted resolution 32/40B

It was not a coincidence that they chose this date. It is the dame date of the United Nations Partition Plan, resolution 181, that was adopted exactly 30 years before in 1947. And most of you will be aware that the partition of Palestine by the UN gave the Zionist movement the push they had been waiting for to establish their Jewish homeland in Palestine. And that happened with a lot of force and violence. Most of the Palestinian villages, towns and cities were partially or completely depopulated and destroyed. And until today families from these towns and cities can be found living in refugee camps in the Westbank, Gaza and neighboring countries with the fourth generation being brought up under very difficult circumstances. 

In the meantime the State of Israel was created in 1948 and then in 1967 this new country took its chance and military occupied the Gazastrip, the Westbank, Sinai and Golan Heights. It started moving its own population into the territory it occupied, mainly in settlements built on Palestinian agricultural land, but in Jerusalem and Hebron also inside the city. 

For this podcast episode I asked several Palestinian friends to send me an answer to the question: What do you think that people can do in solidarity with the Palestinian people. 

I also asked my friend Anwaar, who is from Hebron and lives in Shuhada street, the infamous street that is closed off by military checkpoints, to tell us a bit about life in the old city of Hebron. This is the street where the Israeli settlers are protected by the army and the native population is struggling to stay. 

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