Stories from Palestine

Palestinian diaspora in Chile

December 05, 2021 Marcelo Marzouka Season 4 Episode 13
Stories from Palestine
Palestinian diaspora in Chile
Show Notes

In this podcast episode you can listen to Marcelo Marzouka, a third generation Palestinian living in Chile. His grandfather was the first one to move to South America in the 1950s and his children spoke Spanish. The grandfather returned to Bethlehem but his children moved to Chile where they build a new life. Marcelo was born and raised in Chile but he grew up, just like most Palestinians in Latin America, with a strong sense of Palestinian identity.

In this episode we talk about why so many Palestinians ended up moving to Chile, how they were received by the Chileans, what they managed to establish there and how the younger generations are still strongly related to the Palestinian culture and heritage.

If you want to read or see more then here are some suggestions:

Historical documents:
Social Guide of the Arabs in Chile (1940s):

Walter Garib - El viajero de la alfombra mágica

Academic articles:
Douglas Smith - Discursos hegemónicos y corrientes alternativas en la colectividad palestina de Chile (in English)

4 colores: Documentary about the Palestino football team.

Center for Arab Studies at Universidad de Chile

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