Stories from Palestine

Jerusalem old city food tour part 2

December 18, 2021 Izzeldin Bukhari Season 4 Episode 15
Stories from Palestine
Jerusalem old city food tour part 2
Show Notes

This is the second part of the food tour with Izzeldin Bukhari from Sacred Cuisine in the old city of Jerusalem.

In this episode we continue after the falafel and humus breakfast at Abu Ahmad, to have Arabic coffee and traditional Palestinian sweets in the Cotton market. We visit Abu Yahya to try some sesame nuts protein bars, still handmade, with real honey. Then we continue to visit the only tahina factory in Jerusalem that still roasts the sesame seeds in a wood oven.

Of course we drink some fresh pomegranate juice on the way and then we head to the famous Manba zaatar shop where we learn about zaatar, duqa, sumac, buton, different types of wheat, gee and dried yogurt.

 Izzeldin was raised in the old city, his family is a prominent Sufi family. Izzeldin started Sacred Cuisine in an attempt to revive the Palestinian somi food (vegan / vegetarian) and when he works as a caterer he focuses on local and seasonal products.

With Sacred Cuisine he aims at the rediscovery of the Palestinian heritage through food, bridging past and present.

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